Aged Co-Registration Leads

Aged Co-Registration Leads are a variation of the aged internet lead. They start out as an internet inquiry by a sales prospect in a vertical that has nothing to do with the vertical that the lead is sold to. An example might be, a mortgage offer that produces internet inquiries from homeowners and a strategy in place to make a second tier offering of a product once the mortgage form is filled out. In this case, a mortgage insurance or mortgage protection insurance deal may indeed be that second tier offer. The aged co-registration lead is a result of forms filled out in the second tier offering. Many people in the industry hate these leads quite honestly but there is something to be said about going against the grain. While not the best fresh or aged lead out there, there is a ton of opportunity there in the aged lead category for the aged co-registration lead when the haters pile on and help perpetuate the belief that these leads suck. When companies and reps get behind the notion that a lead sucks it almost guarantees that the lead is not worked thoroughly. In the case of the aged co-registration lead, never has this been more true. They disrespect their leads and you mop up all the opportunity and revenue at a discount. You can’t be that!

Aged Co-Registration Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals in which we offer the aged co-registration lead type for:

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