Aged FHA Mortgage Leads

If you subscribe to the Theory of Transforming A Mortgage Business with aged lead purchases, then it will not shock you to see that we are preaching about the value of aged fha mortgage refinance leads. The numbers give us all the support that we need to be clear on what the real opportunities are in aged lead buying for your fha mortgage refinance campaigns. Even when the closing percentages are high and in the neighborhood of 15%, there are 85 out of every 100 leads that are not converted to loans and represent homeowners looking for a refinance that were not serviced. Extending the math to the thousands of inquirers a month and you begin to see how great this opportunity is. For many fha mortgage sales offices, closing 15% is a stretch because they don't have a handle on the science of working fresh leads. Why is this?

There are a number of reasons that usually are a result of a mortgage originator not working the lead thoroughly enough. They aren't attentive enough to the homeowner, are rarely available, are late in returning calls, and consistently seem to be disinterested or too busy for a homeowner. This level of service simply won't win homeowners over in a competitive market, and it takes one pitch from a competitive mortgage company representative that demonstrates they care and are on the ball to undo deals. FHA mortgage refinance originators are not all the same and many simply do not follow up on leads aggressively and regularly enough to maximize leads and fund additional loans. This will always create opportunities for the aged lead buyers.

This uninspired approach to working new leads is only worsened by the absence of a good lead management system with engaged managers that are watching over lead dispositions to ensure proper treatment of leads. As you can see, there are a number of ways FHA mortgage offices contribute to your success as an aged lead buyer. It's great for you.

Aged Internet FHA Mortgage Leads

Find out how FHA mortgage origination offices are destroying the competition with aged FHA mortgage internet leads at a fraction of the expense.

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Aged Live Transfer FHA Mortgage Leads

Discover why aged FHA mortgage live transfer leads have become popular as an aged lead servicing the FHA mortgage refinance industry.

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