Aged Internet Leads

Aged Internet Leads may be the best kept secret in the lead industry. While companies throw huge dollars at real time exclusive internet leads, many companies are buying their leads aged with huge success. You have to ask why? Did you really ask why? We are glad that you did because there is a huge value play with aged leads that many sales organizations cannot wrap their minds around. But don't worry because their loss is your gain!!   As former call center managers, we have seen everything when it comes to leads. As a lead provider working with many companies, we can tell you that the playing field is never even. The amazing fact about this is that the inefficiencies of some companies give opportunities to others in the form of aged leads. Many companies you compete with do not even use CRM’s to manager their leads. It is very difficult to manage lead flow and salesman follow up when there is not process but this is where aged internet leads become valuable. With no CRM an owner and manager is helpless in the pursuit of high return on investment on their purchased leads. Companies working without the benefit of a CRM are wide open for mistreatment of leads and sales rep that do not follow up often enough to close sales. The sad fact is that these companies often allow lazy sales reps to call a couple of times and give up all the while griping at their managers about the quality of the leads. Again, this is why aged internet leads are so valuable, this is a huge part of why there is amazing value in aged internet leads. If you will call them, sales will come. In other cases you have well-funded companies who simply buy to many leads and reps just can't get to them quick enough or they gravitate towards opportunities that are low hanging fruits. Either way, you benefit from your purchase of aged internet leads because organizations do not work them hard enough and consistently enough to close them.   Even if you just mix in aged internet leads, you may and often do lower your cost per lead and cost per closed deal. So maybe you do have sales assassins who close almost everything and you don't want to give them aged leads. No problem! Give these to trainees as a lower cost lead and keep them on hand for any day where radio, TV, live call transfers, web calls or direct mail calls are experiencing lower volume of sales calls than expected.    One way or another, there is gold in aged internet leads. The sales world is full of poorly managed sales reps in companies that do not have good systems in place. The combination of the two provides an opportunity to pay less dough for aged leads that are gold. In today's world, would you pass up a gold nugget? We wouldn't so we hope you visit us for what we feel is one of the most valuable leads on the market!

Aged Internet Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals in which we offer the aged internet lead type for:

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