Aged Purchase Loan Leads

Aged Purchase Leads come mostly from internet driven campaigns through email and search lead generation strategies. Aged purchase loan leads also come from live transfers. The market is good for these right now because interest rates are currently sitting around 3% on 30 year fixed rate loans and that has created a flurry of activity in the market.


The purchase process is a long and drawn out process so an aged purchase loan lead has a chance to be really effective. Decisions to buy homes don't come impulsively and are often made over a period of time. Just because a fresh purchase loan lead buyer speaks to a potential homeowner does not mean the decision making process is complete and they are moving forward. This means that the aged purchase loan lead is extremely valuable. The first conversation for a home buyer is often exploratory and this extends the life and the value of an aged purchase loan lead. Homeowners looking to get pre-qualified on a home loan need to click with and trust the mortgage person they are talking to. They are often talking to multiple purchase mortgage loan providers and the process can be dizzying. Decisions take time and just because there is a pre-approval does not mean that a homeowner has found the home of their dreams and the payment they are comfortable with. This means the aged purchase loan lead has value well after it is fresh and those mortgage folks that establish relationships and continually check in will due more purchase loans, build more loyalty and get more referrals on the basis of this continued and sustained follow up.


Age purchase loan leads are perfect for mortgage originators that understand Rome was not built in one day. When these leads are worked right, the relationships and the book of business built will provide for that mortgage originator and mortgage branch for many years to come.

Aged Internet Purchase Loan Leads

Find out how aged internet purchase loan leads can help your company increase sales.

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Aged Live Transfer Purchase Loan Leads

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Aged Web Call Purchase Loan Leads

Discover how mortgage companies are using aged web call purchase loan leads to supplement their pipelines with purchases. 

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