Aged Radio Leads

Aged radio leads come from radio ads and commercials played in prime time or remnant media spots. A radio commercial pitches a product or service with an offer at the end that includes a strong call to action that has consumers calling in to find out more. They call the toll free number and are routed to sales floors waiting for hot inbound calls. Each lead is tracked through the 800 tracking number and comes with a platform for managers to review sales scripting by reps while reviewing lead flow and quality. Companies schedule their days based on number of leads required per day and their work hours. You would think this is an air tight campaign and that no leads slip through the cracks on a radio campaign.


That simply isn’t true. With closing percentages up at the higher ends of the range there are still significant opportunities in aged radio leads. It is impossible to close everyone. No matter how good companies are that take inbound radio, there are plenty of aged radio leads that are up for grabs. Aged radio lead buyers that understand the value of aged leads have buy-in from the staff have a great opportunity to close more deals, lower costs per close, enjoy a strong return on investment.

Aged Radio Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals in which we offer the aged radio lead type for:

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