Aged TV Leads

Aged TV Leads are great for aged lead buyers looking for a responsive aged lead that converts well. Aged TV Leads start as a hot inbound call that comes from a television commercial where the 800 number routes calls to participating firms. Many people believe that TV produces the best highest quality fresh lead and given the percentages that even the best firms close at, there is still a ton of opportunity in them as aged TV leads. Many firms buying TV leads believe that responses directly from commercials are representative of motivated buyers that are ready to go. This doesn't mean they all close on a first call. Just like with any other lead purchased fresh, lazy sales reps, poor scripting, the absence of a lead management system and sales management without focus contribute to lost of fresh TV leads becoming quality aged TV Leads.


There is one constant in fresh leads and that is that there will always be missed opportunities. Combine this with the fact that buying temperature of the callers isn't always where it needs to be and you have a strong recipe for a high quality aged tv lead. The aged tv lead is representative of those buyers that slipped through the cracks on the fresh lead buyer. When firms paying top dollar for fresh tv leads do not treat them or follow up on them the right way, aged tv leads rise from the ashes. The danger with fresh tv leads that is a major contributor to the quality of aged tv leads is the fact that tv leads come hot and heavy. When the sales manager is not supervising sales reps closely enough the reps typically cherry pick the leads for the opportunities they feel are the easiest to close. When left to handle sales their own way, sales representatives often trying making more doing less. With the way most companies follow up on leads and the failure to use and employ the lead management systems available, there will always be great value in aged tv leads.


It is important to note that sales psychology plays a huge role in the value of response and aged leads. Some people are impulsive and will call an 800 number from radio and television while others like to sit down at a computer and fill forms out. The point here is that to get the diversity of response or to be able to reach people that are motivated to respond in different ways, firms will have to master both tv and internet leads. We recommend that all companies take advantage of the diversity of response by including aged tv leads in their marketing strategy. When sales reps don't nurture the fresh inbound calls or they are too aggressive with prospects, those leads become a great opportunity for the aged tv lead buyer! With aged tv leads the opportunities are there so the only question is if your firm and sales staff can close them!

Aged TV Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals in which we offer the aged tv lead type for:

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