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Public Record Data Lists uses an advanced image document imaging system to integrate public record case files on a national level, state by state and county by county. We have a strong public record database. The freshness and accuracy of the public record data plays a huge role in telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing campaigns. Public record data is exceptional, and those companies that understand its value will use it with increased sales, greater profitability and solid returns on investment. is a huge believe in public record data and believe that any company marketing that wants to see improvement in their campaign performances should consider using this data.

Consumer Data Lists has a massive consumer database that combines the elements of public records, consumer behavior, lifestyle attributes, online inquiries, surveys and magazine subscriptions. These attributes give our customers the ability to pull data effectively for their telemarketing and direct mail marketing campaigns. Every company we work with has an ideal prospect. The consumer data base allows customers to effectively narrow down and target the demographics that will contribute to a successful marketing campaign that produces significant return on investment and an opportunity for sales team expansion.

Business Data Lists has a business database of over 20 million fresh records updated quarterly. Businesses looking to market to other businesses may filter for their ideal targets by SIC Code, years in business, yearly revenue, number of employees, square footage and more. Whatever product or service you sell, the business database hold promise for companies that are marketing to other businesses using telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing strategies. Ask an representative today how you can find the best filter data for the characteristics of businesses that are most likely to produce a sale when you reach out to them. believes that many groups don't pay close enough attention to their data. Let help you get the most out of your business to business marketing campaigns with effectively targeted business data.

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