Debt Data Lists

If you are in an industry that helps consumers settle or consolidate their debt, our debt data list is one of the best on the market. There are tons of people out there that need your help. We compile the freshest and most accurate debt data in the industry based on consumer inquiries online with requests for assistance with their debt issues.

Comprised of people that have requested help with their debt, distressed homeowners, and people that are looking for credit, our debt data list helps you target the right people effectively through telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

Industry Usage

Good for debt settlement, debt management, debt negotiation, debt elimination, credit counseling, credit repair, pay day loan and bankruptcy firms.

Standard Filters for Debt Data

  • Unsecured Debt
  • Known Lates
  • Number of Credit Cards
  • Utilization Ratio'
  • Geography
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