Public Record Lis Pendens Data Lists

Data Source: County Clerk/ Federal Courts/Public Records


Data Description: Lis pendens means a pending lawsuit concerning real estate that involves title to the property or an ownership claim to the property. It clouds title bringing ownership questions that makes the property less attractive to a purchaser of the property or lender. Anyone who purchases the property described in a lis pendens is subject to the decision of the court. The lis pendens is recorded at the county level upon the request of someone making a claim of to do so that has filed a lawsuit. If someone else that has interest in the property (e.g. the owner), he/she may file a counter suit to have it expunged.


Available Data Outputs: First Name, Last Name, or Business name Address, City, State, ZIP, Document Number, Court District, File type, File Date, Release Date, Court Name, Email & DNC/NCOA (optional)


Geographic Filters: Nationwide, State(s), County(s), City(s), Zip List


Available Volume: 1,000,000 Monthly (Updated Daily)

Sample of F.A.A. Data (Standard Output):

  • Business Name: JK Radio
  • First Name: Jon
  • Last Name: Doe
  • Address: 111 Main Street
  • City: Newport Beach
  • State: CA
  • Zip: 92660
  • Case/Doc Number: 65866
  • File Type: Lis Pendes (can be Mortgage Foreclosure, Civil Litigation, Criminal Restitution, Tax Lien, Assessor Lien, Child Support Lien)
  • File Date: 11/1/2012
  • Release Date: Active or released
  • Court: San Joaquin County Superior court
  • Claim: Mortgage Foreclosure amount due $75,250.00

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