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The is a wholesale direct mail provider. We have spent countless hours of testing so that we can provide you with mail campaigns that deliver results. Our mail program services a wide array of industries and is appropriate for just about any company looking to generate and enhance sales. Some of the most common industries we service include, debt settlement, tax resolution, mortgage, loan modification, short sales, reverse mortgages, life insurance and credit repair. This does not go to say that other industries are not a good fit for mail so we encourage companies to inquire with us about the benefits of direct mail for their industry. We do mail for dentists, car dealers, auto warranties, furnace warranties, bars, schools, fundraisers and much, much more. So you can see there is an appropriate mail campaign for just about anyone looking for additional sales opportunities.


Direct Mail is one of the best marketing strategies for both local and national campaigns. With a good data list and the ability to carefully choose the filters and demographics that closely model the ideal prospect, direct mail produces the highest quality inbound call on the market. With mail's ability to generate highly qualified calls, our customers enjoy a solid return on investment. Direct mail should be a part of any company's diverse approach to marketing in a competitive landscape. will customize your piece to differentiate you in the market place. We believe that a fresh approach and carefully worded piece will make a huge impact on the performance of your direct mail campaign. While no two drops perform exactly the same, you will come to appreciate mail's ability to deliver good calls and new sales opportunities.


We know direct mail scares some of you in the market place. We encourage you to reach out to us and ask us any questions you would like answers to. With a good understanding of the direct mail process and how to maximize its potential, you will come to rely on for its expertise and sound advice on direct mail campaigns. Call Today to get the answers you are looking for on direct mail and we will work hard to make sure you know the ins and outs of direct mail. Our goal is to make sure that we get highly qualified prospects calling you. We will do the heavy lifting, you close the prospects down. What are you waiting for?

Direct Mail Data

Data is compiled from a multitude of places that include public records, credit bureaus, surveys, internet responses, and real property files with consumer overlays. Regardless of your business there is a data set for you. Below is a list of commonly used filters that include but not limited to:

Direct Mail Filters

Age, Income, Net Worth, Mortgage Loan Amounts, Mortgage Origination Dates, Loan to Value Ratios, Property Types, Lenders, Gender, Ethnicity And Language Preference, Marital Status, Credit Card Holders, Known Mortgage Lates, Known Debt Amounts, Known Lates, Nod's, Tax Liens, Bankruptcies, Divorce Filings, Autos, Diabetics and more.

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