Internet HARP Mortgage Leads

Internet HARP Mortgage Leads are developed through online marketing strategies that include banner ad, pay per click and email strategies.  They may be purchased as semi-exclusive where they are delivered to up to 4 companies total simultaneously or exclusive to one company.  Whether buying a semi-exclusive or an exclusive internet harp mortgage lead they represent inquiries from homeowners looking for assistance with a refinance loan. 


The leads are delivered in real time and maybe sent to a lead management system/CRM with your posting instructions or via email.  Studies show that the quicker you respond to an inquiry the greater success you will have with internet leads.  For those that opt for semi-exclusive internet harp mortgage leads it is strongly recommended that the leads are sent to a good lead management system.  When you are competing against 3 other companies at the same time it is always a good idea that you are receiving the leads based on a CRM so that you are not the last one to receive the lead.  When working via email you are subject to the efficiency of your email server at the time the lead is sent, so again with semi-exclusive internet leads it is best to use them in conjunction with a solid CRM system that receives leads quick and efficient.  With exclusive internet harp mortgage leads we still recommend a CRM Solution to receive the leads over email but it is true that the risk to competition is not nearly as great when the leads aren’t being sent to 3 other mortgage offices.  If you want to try a generic CRM/Lead Management System while working leads from, let us know and we will allow you to work them in a generic, basic version we have created for groups that currently do not use one.  It may be said that we believe a CRM makes a huge difference. 


The value of a real time internet lead for HARP Mortgage Leads cannot be overstated.  A homeowner goes online and fills out a form requesting contact regarding a HARP Mortgage.  That is a good start because they have a need, interest and were searching for your service.  With each inquiry you get a first name, last name, address, phone number and email.  There are three contact methods available for the purposes of working the lead.  There are sometimes notes from the homeowner that suggest when it is best to call that are important.  Working leads utilizing both email and phone in the short term is huge.  Two ways to reach one homeowner is always better than one.  If over a period of time you cannot reach the potential borrower consider sending direct mail.  How well you do on the fresh leads depends upon how consistently and thoroughly your mortgage originators follow up.  While we maintain no control over that, we can tell you that when worked properly, the internet harp mortgage leads contain more than enough opportunity to grow sales monthly.

Sample Internet HARP Mortgage Leads

  • Date: 2/22/2013

  • First Name: Janet

  • Last Name: Smith

  • Address: 220 Newport Center Dr.

  • City: Newport Beach

  • State: CA

  • Zip: 92660

  • Primary Phone: 555-555-5555

  • Secondary Phone: 555-555-5555

  • Email:

  • Contact Time: Afternoon

  • Loan Type: FHA

  • Property Value: $250,000

  • Loan Amount: $250,000

  • Months Behind: Current

  • Credit Rating: Excellent

  • Property Type: Single Family

  • Mortgage Lender: Wells Fargo

  • Rate: 8

  • Loan Type: Refinance

  • Monthly Payment: $2,500

  • Income: $350,000

  • LTV: 100%

  • IP Address: 10.1.10

  • Comments: Comments

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