Internet Leads

The internet is a great source of new leads. People are looking for products and services online regularly. Internet leads are developed online with email, banner advertising and pay per click marketing strategies. All three of these internet lead generation strategies place an offer in front of a sales prospect and direct them to a landing page where they are able to request more information by filling out a form and pressing the submit button. When that happens, internet leads are delivered in real time to a designated email, lead management system or CRM designated by the lead buyer. Each internet lead is either an exclusive internet lead or a semi-exclusive lead. Exclusive internet leads are sold to one company only. Keep in mind that while that means an internet lead that we generate is sold to only one company it does not mean that the prospect has not requested more information on the service on other websites and landing pages. Semi-Exclusive internet leads may be a situation where two companies share a lead or where up to 4 companies share the lead.


Internet lead campaigns are set up based on hours of operation, time zone, states selected and number of leads desired per day. Internet leads are delivered in real time as an exclusive or semi-exclusive internet lead to a designated email, lead management system or CRM provided by the lead buyer. Lead management systems and CRM’s require posting instructions so that we are able to deliver real time internet leads directly into the systems. We highly recommend using lead management systems and crm’s with internet leads to ensure that organizations get their leads as soon as the prospect hits the submit button. These systems allow for quick follow up and contact attempts which are proven to increase contact ratios and sales conversion percentages.


Each internet lead comes with at least two ways to contact the prospect. To maximize internet leads it is recommended that your sales representatives phone and email each internet lead as soon as they receive the lead. Using lead disposition and follow up reminder components of a CRM will keep your sales people and internet lead campaign organized and trackable. One of the best things about internet leads is that is that online marketing has a capacity to deliver more real time internet leads as your sales and business grow.

Internet Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals that we offer the internet lead type for.

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