Investment Leads

Investment leads are hard to come by and they are valuable to firms representing a wide variety of investment opportunities. With the real estate meltdown and economic crises, the need for investment firms to get real time leads that has never been greater and it is a competitive business.


Real time investment leads are developed using internet marketing strategies, media platforms like radio and television, direct mail, and domestic call centers that pre-qualify and deliver leads. These leads include real time internet leads, radio leads, direct mail leads, live transfer leads and live web call leads. With the exception of internet investment leads, the rest of the live investment leads are in the form of an inbound call.


While we believe that the internet is the greatest source of leads in any industry or vertical, some groups are not interested in the outbound calling and lead development required to make a splash in sales. Some groups do exceptionally with internet investment leads and others do well with inbound calls from the lead types mentioned above. There are choices when it comes to investment leads, and each type has its strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. As we have always advised, companies should be able to work all of the different types of investment leads so that when lead generation type experiences the law of diminishing returns in one lead type and need to move on to another, they are not unfamiliar with other lead types within their industry. Sales staffs that have experience working all of the live lead types will be able to find success whether it is internet, live tv, live radio, live transfer, live web call or direct mail leads.

Internet Investment Leads

Find out how internet investment leads are helping firms secure more clients that are looking for returns on their investment.

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Live Transfer Investment Leads

Read about how investment sales groups are taking advantage of domestic call centers for their leads taking live transfer investment leads and throwing up numbers that have the bosses excited.

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Live Web Call Investment Leads

See how live web call investment leads are making a huge splash on the sales floors of investment firms looking to grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive business.

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Live Radio Investment Leads

Learn how live radio investment leads have made a difference in the morale of the sales floor while contributing hot new leads that are converting to sales.

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Direct Mail Investment Leads

See why some investment firms swear by direct mail investment leads and have built their sales floors predominantly using mail as their number one source for hot leads.

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