Live Radio Leads

Live radio leads are generated through both custom radio campaigns and generic campaigns that allow companies to partner in the media and take radio leads on a cost per call basis. For branding purposes, some companies will always do a custom radio campaign that produces live radio leads to control the company’s message and public perception. This is called a cash buy radio lead campaign. The commercial is created using voiceover talent and crafted specifically around the brand, service or label. In addition to the radio commercial, the advertiser works with a media buyer to expertly place the ads to optimize the sales campaign and generate an influx of live radio leads. The campaign comes with an 800 number for tracking that includes a technology platform that logs calls, measures call lengths and records the calls. Managers that want to get involved in their sales campaigns and make an impact are able to use the platform to review lead flow, recorded calls and lead treatment by sales. The live radio lead recordings allow managers to identify calls that require managerial assistance to close as well as help them train the sales staff.


When live radio leads are sold using a generic commercial to multiple companies plugging into the campaign, we are talking about a cost per lead live radio campaign. The live radio lead campaign on a cost per call basis keeps sales staffs organized and focused on selling. The trackable 800 number used on the commercial routes calls on the basis of states serviced, time zone, hours worked and number of leads requested per week. Live radio lead campaigns sold on a cost per call basis are easy to set up and help organize the sales day. The 800 number routes calls through a platform to participating companies with password access to the system which logs the calls, measures talk times and records calls. Managers are able to dig into their campaigns and review their campaigns and measure the performance of sales people. The system is even used for training purposes.

Live Radio Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals that we offer the live radio lead type for.

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