Live Transfer Leads

Live transfer leads are inbound calls that are believes by some to be a cut above the rest of the hot inbound calls because of the pre-screening that is done of the leads before they are transferred. The bulk of the inbound lead call market is on the basis of a raw inbound call. The live transfer lead is prequalified before it is delivered with a warm introduction to a sales representative.


Domestic call centers do all of the heavy lifting. They call out on data and aged leads, build rapport, generate interest, prequalify and warm transfer prospects for your sales vertical. Only after they have done all of this and gain permission from the prospect to be transferred to sales is a connection made to a sales floor with a warm introduction. Let’s think about this for a moment. The work that is done in a call center removes sales floors from the need to develop leads and then close them. The focus is solely on sales. They do the schmoozing, introduce the product or service, prequalify them, get buy in from them to be transferred to sales and then connect them to sales with a professional introduction. That is powerful and all sales floors have to do is close business.


Live transfer lead campaigns are set up hassle-free on the basis of time zone, hours worked, states serviced and number of transfers per day requested. Each conversation from the warm introduction through the end of the conversation with a member of the sales staff is recorded for quality control purposes. The calls are tracked through a platform that offers password protected access giving sales managers the ability to dig into lead campaigns to review lead flow, lead quality and lead treatment by sales. Some groups absolutely swear by live transfer leads. In an effort to maximize live lead transfer campaigns, managers are listening to calls for opportunities to assist sales people in closing deals and are using the recordings for coaching and training exercises.

Live Transfer Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals that we offer the live transfer lead type for.

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