Live TV Leads

Many sales groups in the financial services industries prefer hot inbound calls. Television is a great source of live call leads. It used to be that you had to do a custom commercial with paid actors relying on the assistance of a media buyer to place your ads. In terms of calls, you would get whatever amount of calls the television commercial spots deliver until the money you put into the media buy is exhausted. There are no guarantees and you are counting on the strength of the commercial and the media buying that you are being assisted on to deliver you enough hot inbound calls to make the numbers work. It is an expensive campaign!


Fortunately for some industries, the science of marketing through television allows live tv leads be sold on a cost per lead basis. The risk on a television marketing campaign is minimizes and sales groups may purchase week to week buying as little or as many live TV leads as they wish. The commercial is a generic offer for their industry and it airs in prime time media hours of 9-6 pm in Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones. Live TV lead campaigns are easy to set up by providing states serviced, time zone, hours of operation and desired number of tv leads per day.


Consumer prospects call on an 800 number featured on the generic television commercial and they are routed to the sales organizations participating in a live tv lead campaign. The 800 number essentially directs lead flow routing live tv leads to companies that have an active campaign on the basis of leads per day requested, states serviced, time zone and hours of operation. The 800 number also tracks live tv leads through a platform logging calls by phone number, name (where available) and duration of the call. It also has a call recording feature that comes in handy for sales managers that like to roll up their sleeves, get into the system and review calls. With a username and password, they are able to review lead flow, lead quality and lead treatment by sales people. This is a valuable tool. Managers may also use the recordings for group training exercises and to identify opportunities to get into particular sales to help reps close deals.

Live TV Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals that we offer the live tv lead type for.

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