Live Web Call Leads

Some sales groups just don’t work well with outbound leads. They respect the power of the internet and know that it produces a wealth of leads, but just are not a good fit for internet leads. Their sales staff is not an outbound telemarketing team and no matter what they won’t work internet leads to the extent that will produce the sales that are possible. To that we say, it is what it is. Their sales staffs just won’t do well with internet leads. Live web call leads represent the marriage of the internet to supportive phone technology. With email, banner advertising and pay per click online marketing strategies, prospects are delivered to an offer page that does not offer the opportunity to fill out a form. Can you hear the inbound call sales people yell Halleluja? The live web call lead combines the power of the internet to develop leads and delivers inbound calls with the responsiveness that is expected with prospects reviewing and acting upon offers they see for products and services.


With live call web leads, the offer contains a strong call to action and urges prospects to call immediately with an 800 number. The trackable 800 number routes calls to sales organizations that are participating in a campaign. That traffic is directed on the basis of states serviced, time zone, hours of operation and number of leads per day. The platform monitors and tracks the calls logging the phone numbers, identifying the caller when possible, and recording the calls. Managers have access to the platforms that give them the ability to review lead flow, talk times and recorded calls. Call recordings may be used by management for training purposes as well as to identify sales scenarios that would benefit from assistance from them to close the deal. Live web call leads are a hot inbound call lead generated on the internet that converts well to sales with the tools to help sales organizations maximize their live web call lead campaigns.

Live Web Call Lead Verticals

Below is a list of lead verticals that we offer the live web call lead type for.

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