Short Sale Leads

Shorts ale leads are a tough category of leads but not for the reasons that you may think. It isn't a matter of firms not wanting to create them for sale it is the cost to do so. Why? Simply it is because homeowners will always look to save their homes before waving the white flag and listing with a real estate agent for a short sale. The cost of generating a lead based on a homeowner that is reluctant to give up their home would be exorbitant. Therefore most short sale leads are derived from loan modification lead campaigns. There are internet, live transfer and direct mail short sale leads available that could result in new listings for realtors offering a short sale service.

Internet Short Sale Leads

Find out how internet short sale leads are able to help your firm list more distressed homes.

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Live Transfer Short Sale Leads

Discover how live transfer short sale leads with easy lead call scheduling may be a new source short sale listings.

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Direct Mail Short Sale Leads

Learn more about how direct mail short Sale leads perform well and produce increased new short sales.

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