Student Loan Debt Leads

If you thought that the internet bubble, credit crisis, real estate meltdown and increased taxes were the end of the financial meltdown you may have ignored the fact that more young people are getting degrees today than ever before.  In many ways we think about that and ask ourselves how on earth that could be a bad thing.  An educated population is not a bad thing, but the costs of education have skyrocketed and it is not uncommon for the average student to walk out of college with a mountain of debt and no job.


College guarantees students nothing.  You still have to get a job!  If the debt that you left college was like it is now there is no way many people would have gone!  I think it is grossly unfair to young people.  Combine this with the fact that higher institutions of learning send students out into the real world with debt they cannot afford to pay back and lacking the skills to keep pace with a rapidly changing technological world and there is a huge problem.


As marketers in the financial verticals we have seen loan modification, foreclosure defense, debt settlement and tax settlement industries explode to meet the needs of people during the economic crisis.  Student loan debt issues represent a crisis that will need to be worked through.  Student loan debt relief is the next industry to spring up in an attempt to help students get control of and/or settle their debts.  It stinks but in all likelihood the industry will proliferate around a need not to have our young people leave college saddled with debt they may never be able to afford.  This is the America we live in today, good or bad!


Fresh leads for student loan debt or student loan debt settlement come from the internet, TV, radio, live transfers, web calls and direct mail.  Given the amount of college student debt out there and years of new graduates piled on top of each other year after year and being freed to the economic crisis and tight job market, it is no mystery as to how such an industry could sprout up.  For firms that are legitimately trying to help students there are many options for fresh leads!

Internet Student Loan Debt Leads

Find out how student loan debt leads are successfully connecting graduates struggling to pay loans back with student debt relief groups.

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Live Transfer Student Loan Debt Leads

Read and learn how easy your sales day can be with live transfer student loan debt leads can be.  The call center prequalifies former students for financial distress and warm transfers them to payment relief counselors.

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Live TV Student Loan Debt Leads

Experience the ease of the live tv student loan debt lead campaign.  Schedule your leads per day, hours of operation, time zone and states to take leads in while watching sales grow.

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Live Web Call Student Loan Debt Leads

Learn about harnessing the internet to motivate former students with education related debts to look for payment relief and actually call in as opposed to filling out a form and submitting it with a request for contact.

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Live Radio Student Loan Debt Leads

See how radio works as a media that delivers hot inbound calls of former students needing payment relief from their school loan debt and helps managers organize their sales day.

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Direct Mail Student Loan Debt Leads

Put direct mail to the test.  Experience the quality of leads generated from student loan direct mail campaigns.  Focused on graduates carrying a ton of debt, direct mail student loan lead marketing campaigns result on a lot of high quality inbound calls.

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