Auto Owner Data Lists

Auto owner data comes from a special auto file. This data is solid for both auto warranty, vehicle service protection and auto insurance service providers. Auto owner data is great for both telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. The data comes with year, make, model and mileage of the car. It helps auto warranty and vehicle service protection firms identify and target people that have cars that fit in the age and mileage range that gives them a higher probability of being able to qualify and service them.


For the auto insurance industry, there are some extra tricks you can use to really narrow down your targeting. There is no doubt that most people have cars and you could in theory you could market to every car owner in a mile radius from the office. That may not be as effective as it could have been had they given extra thought to their targeting. As an auto insurance agency you could target homes of families with two cars and you could target homes where there are children 16-18 who would need to be added to a policy. If you had an insurance agency in an area with a higher population of hispanic people and you wanted to dedicate bilingual reps to a campaign you could use data to get your targeting right.


There is a lot you can do. All you have to do is think about who your ideal target is and build data around that target. Auto owner data can be extremely effective when you invest the time into what the characteristics of your ideal prospects are.

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