Public Record DMV Data Lists

Data Source: County Clerk/ County Recorder's/ Federal Courts/ State Courthouse / City Clerk/ Public Records


Data Description: Individuals or Businesses That Are The Registered Owners Of Motor Vehicles.


Available Data Outputs: Individual Or Business Name, Registered Car Owner,Address, City, State, ZIP, Registration Number, Title, Driver's License Number, Vehicle Identification Number, State License Issuer, Car Year, Car Make, Car Model, Mileage, Phone/Email & DNC/NCOA (optional)


Geographic Filters: Nationwide, State(s), County(s), City(s), Zip List


Available Volume: 5,000,000 Monthly (Updated Daily)

Sample of DMV Data Lists (Standard Output):

  • Business Name: XYW Flooring
  • Car Title Holder: John Doe
  • Address: 111 Main Street
  • City: Newport Beach
  • State: CA
  • Zip: 92660
  • Title Holder:
  • State License Issuer:
  • State Registration Number:
  • Vehicle Identification Number:
  • Purchase Date: 1988
  • Year Built: 1984
  • Car Make: Honda
  • Car Model: Accord
  • Mileage Reading: 115000

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